So, apologies while this site was a dead wasteland with barely anything over the last half a dozen or so years and not being used at one point there was a security breach. Funny enough I was able to track it explicitly to a My Fitness Pal security breach in which the associated Email for the Vanguard Account via twitter username and password were breached, which happened to also be the same password as the email (pro-tip don’t do this). It didn’t really matter as the site wasn’t doing anything but I first received a notice last year from the webhost that the Vanguard @ guild1042 email was spamming massive amounts of people as an FYI. I shut that down changed the password, two-factor authentication on the webhost controller and thought I was done with it. And promptly went back to ignoring the site. Fast forward and apparently I forgot that the Vanguard account was also an admin on the dreamhost site with posting and editing rights and that same password which hadn’t been changed. So apparently this past fall someone logged in with that account and made a bunch of posts as Vanguard of just spammy stuff and also edited a few of the more recent posts of other people ever so slightly to include a spammy sentence and link.

Needless to say I went in and deleted all those posts, changed the Vanguard password and access rights and restored the edited posts. I don’t think anything else was effected too much and I had most of the posts on this site saved for posterity anyway. Just putting this apology/warning in case I missed anything else. And I may blow the site away until I figure out what to do with it. It was a short-lived fun idea at the time but like so many things online went to the forgotten internet idea graveyard. Which is kind of funny that those posts was more activity in those few months in the last 7 years or more. So if I do decide to do something umm well I guess thanks Spam Hacker for Search Engine Optimization?????

TLDR: Was Hacked, Missed Stuff, Think Fixed, Mind your Passwords even on insignificant projects. Big company data breeches are annoying.

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