Choose-your-own adventure update

I had started this idea on my pen name’s facebook page first anyway, so I’m going to take it there for now. When I get 20 Likes, I’m going to start a weekly story where the readers decide what happens next. I’m only 1 Like away! So if you’d like to see this story happen, “Like” my pen name’s page:

I might be able to get something for this Monday!

Sci-fi landing game released!

I work with the studio that made this online arcade game. You pilot a shuttle across landscapes in an attempt to land it without crashing it. It’s really challenging (ihaven’tmadeitpastthefirstlevelyet -_-;) and I thought some of you might be interested in testing your skills.

After you play, post here to brag about how many levels you conquered!

Choose-a-Path Attendance

Just want an idea of a number:  If I were to start the choose-a-path story this coming Monday, how many people would read it and vote on it (and expect to do so on a weekly basis)?  If you’re one of the people who wants to read and vote, then please reply to this thread.  If I get 10 replies by Monday the 12th, then I’ll get this show on the road.  If not, then I’ll wait until next month and see where we are.

Atta boy, Joss!

I found this pic/quote of Joss Whedon, and it immediately made me think of the head of a multimedia studio I work for.  He’s always talking about certain studios that refuse to make films with a strong female lead and remarks he gets from his writing group about the teen fighting girls series he publishes, remarks like, “But she’s a fifteen-year-old girl facing a two-hundred pound man, she ain’t gonna win.”  And he’ll reply, “If that fifteen-year-old girl is wielding a flaming sword or a two-handed battle hammer, that guy’s gonna be toast.”  And then the critic still can’t wrap his mind around a girl with a sword in proper battle armor (proper, as in built to fully protect, not built to protect some parts and expose others).  And come to think of it, the majority of entertainment-related things I enjoy best include male leads.  Not that I have a problem with John McClane, he’s completely awesome, but why can we have a woman doing that kind of badassery?  And I have no problem with Link getting the Master Sword and shoving it between Ganon’s eyes, but why can’t there be a woman character wielding a sword and having a similarly epic showdown with evil?  I enjoy these forms of entertainment because I get to sort of live adventurously through these characters, but the living through them is just a bit more distant when I can’t live through them as a woman.

Writing in Progress

Once again, not starting the choose-your-path yet.  But I have at least planned out the characters I’m going to use, world, and basic plot (I can’t plan out too much, because the readers will decide).  Here’s a “sneak peek” (ie., names):  Lor, Errol, Destsin, Lythaven.  Two characters have definite identities/personalities, and the third will be voter-determined 😀

I’m also in the process of finishing my latest ebook.  It’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but with a new world and new characters.  I just started it for fun because of the random silliness, but it actually came to an appropriate length for an ebook, so…why not?  The story actually begins in New Zealand where Australian university students are on an internship trip.  So the Alice character is Australian.  Which means I need to go back through the dialogue I’ve written and see where it would make sense to incorporate some Australian lingo.  I also need to add a little more than 2k words yet to make it the right length, and I have no idea where to add it…so I’ll print it out and have my mom read it.  She’s been a good editor so far.

The collector’s prize

Inspired by Dinah’s post (thank ye, Dinah), I’d like to pose the question of, “What is your favorite collectible that you own?”  As in, what is that one piece of memorabilia (or pair of shoes, perhaps) that you would never ever sell for any amount of money, no matter how broke you were?  I’m sure everyone has such a beloved artifact.

For me, it would be a tie between two things:

1) My Sailor Moon first season henshin broach.  It was the very first piece of Sailor Moon anything I ever purchased.

2) My Ariel and Eric Little Mermaid figurines, because they were the very first of my extensive figurine collection.  Figurines became my favorite childhood toy and had a huge role in developing my currently out-of-control imagination.

Of course, these things wouldn’t be worth very much anyway, so I don’t have to worry about the temptation of selling them…

Star Trek MMO

While I’m a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, I’ve long been more of a Trekkie.  So I was excited to discover the Star Trek Online banner while surfing around  At least I’m not too behind the times–it was released January 17th.  I spent pretty much all day yesterday and overnight to this morning downloading and installing it and hope to have time today to try it out.  Here’s how it’s described at its home site

In this free-to-play massively multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship. Or they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Players will have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction, reach out to unexplored star systems and make contact with new alien species. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode in which you are the star.

I’m especially interested to see what the combat system is like, because there’s ground and space combat, apparently.  Once I get running, I’ll post my character name, and invite everyone else to do the same!

Big Bang Theory fanfic

I won’t be starting my choose-a-path story yet, as we’re still in construction and don’t have enough members for the voting.  In the meantime, I’ll suggest a fanfiction for you to read.

I tread carefully when it comes to fanfic, because it drives me insane when characters aren’t portrayed geniune to their original selves, or when fans create really bad romantic entanglements.  But I did manage to find one fanfic that I’ve rather enjoyed so far.  It’s a fanfic of the “Big Bang Theory” TV show, written in script form, and it stays true to the characters and the geeky humor of the show well.  A new episode was just posted today, and you can read it all here:

All in all, this writer has five episodes up.  There is a fan-created character involved, but one that so far integrates well with the original cast of characters.  So if you like the “Big Bang Theory” TV show, check it out!


‘Ello, I’m Padma (no, not Padme; Padma means “lotus” and is the name of a Hindu deity, which is way cooler than a prequel princess, thank you).  I’m here for the fiction writing aspect of geekdom.  I’m hoping as we gain more members that we can maybe get some turn-based collaborative writing going.  But my foremost duty is to provide you with something to read and entertain you.  Each week, I will post a new chapter of an ongoing story.  And each week, the end of the chapter will include choices so that you, the members, can vote on what will happen next in the story!  The first story I write will be a fantasy genre, but if this project goes well, I’d also like to do a sci-fi along the line.

So check up on Padma’s Pathway every Monday for a new installment in the story (because Mondays suck, and maybe a choose-your-own-adventure might help it suck less), and you will have until midnight Wednesday to cast your vote for the next installment.