When you think of Laser Tag, what comes to mind? (That’s a lazy way of filling your head with visual imagery from my lack of writing skills).  As cool as the concept originally was, it just never evolved into a game where you could dress as Master Chief and blast each other with harmless plasma pulses and throw light grenades. Instead, it seems to have faded into a game where 7th graders can shoot at each other with modified Nintendo gear in a heavily padded basement space with black lights and terrible fluorescent paint on the walls. Well now the Geeks have stepped in to reclaim what was once ours by using modern technology.

Enter the XAPPER Gun. Being released soon on the Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone platforms, this gadget can turn your smartphone into a laser tag device to play with your friends anytime. It also has the option of shooting aliens, and what gamer tech device would be complete without a zombie mode! Using the screen of the phone along with the internal GPS, we could soon see hoards of geeks walking around our shopping malls and parking lots with toy guns shooting at nonexistent creatures that appear on a 2″x4″ screen. The XAPPER Gun can be yours for only $30, which is roughly the cost of a round or two of traditional Laser Tag.

I invite you to grab a couple of these Geek Gadgets and try them out, but be warned that it may lead to black lights and fluorescent paint being added to your basement at home.

Happy Geeking!


The collector’s prize

Inspired by Dinah’s post (thank ye, Dinah), I’d like to pose the question of, “What is your favorite collectible that you own?”  As in, what is that one piece of memorabilia (or pair of shoes, perhaps) that you would never ever sell for any amount of money, no matter how broke you were?  I’m sure everyone has such a beloved artifact.

For me, it would be a tie between two things:

1) My Sailor Moon first season henshin broach.  It was the very first piece of Sailor Moon anything I ever purchased.

2) My Ariel and Eric Little Mermaid figurines, because they were the very first of my extensive figurine collection.  Figurines became my favorite childhood toy and had a huge role in developing my currently out-of-control imagination.

Of course, these things wouldn’t be worth very much anyway, so I don’t have to worry about the temptation of selling them…