I’m sorry I’m not an uber gamer

While I do play video games on occasion, I feel sometimes that others don’t understand that not everyone has the ambition or time to game 24/7. So it really bugs me when someone comes along and tries to get in my grill about how could I not know about how this or that works or what rotation is the best. I’m sorry I don’t sit on my computer and read all the forums or watch the latest video. I like my casual playing, is that too much to ask that you do your “uber” thing and I do my casual thing? Don’t ruin someone’s experience because I choose to have a life outside my computer.

While I’m at it, I don’t get your whole nerd rage at something that is just a game. I mean really, when I’m in Stormwind I don’t want to see you swearing and cussing because someone is selling the same thing as you cheaper or someone took your piece of equipment. Guess what? It’s a digital image. What happened to enjoying the experience of defeating a baddie with friends? Is it all about what “thing” you get anymore? I guess I play games to enjoy playing them, not to win imaginary things that don’t matter. But don’t worry, while you go into a rage I sit back and giggle at your expense because you just don’t even know how ridiculous you look.

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