Happy Pi day!

Come on gamer/geeks…no one has mentioned that today is pi day? Well I will go ahead and say it. Happy Pi day! Hope everyone had a great 3.14 day. Oh yeah here is something to ponder.

And for your ears and eyes..



The Golden Age of the Comic book Geek

So many times people will say that comic books are just for kids and maybe some are. But I have to say in this era of Hollywood recycling¬† movie ideas, this is the best time to be a comic book geek.¬† No doubt you are thrilled that all your favorite stories are coming off the comic and onto the big screen. As a person that never got into comics married to someone that is, I say thank you to all of you. Thank you for knowing so much about the story that when writers leave out giant gaps of important information that they assume we all just “know” you can fill us less clued in people. X-Men 3 for example? Jean? I still don’t get what the hell happened there. Heck, for years I didn’t know that Blade was once a comic. Blow my mind why don’t you. So as the mass amounts of movies continue to crank out, thank you for being there to explain the behind the story need to know facts for us so we can make any sense what so ever out of the rest of the movie.

I’m sorry I’m not an uber gamer

While I do play video games on occasion, I feel sometimes that others don’t understand that not everyone has the ambition or time to game 24/7. So it really bugs me when someone comes along and tries to get in my grill about how could I not know about how this or that works or what rotation is the best. I’m sorry I don’t sit on my computer and read all the forums or watch the latest video. I like my casual playing, is that too much to ask that you do your “uber” thing and I do my casual thing? Don’t ruin someone’s experience because I choose to have a life outside my computer.

While I’m at it, I don’t get your whole nerd rage at something that is just a game. I mean really, when I’m in Stormwind I don’t want to see you swearing and cussing because someone is selling the same thing as you cheaper or someone took your piece of equipment. Guess what? It’s a digital image. What happened to enjoying the experience of defeating a baddie with friends? Is it all about what “thing” you get anymore? I guess I play games to enjoy playing them, not to win imaginary things that don’t matter. But don’t worry, while you go into a rage I sit back and giggle at your expense because you just don’t even know how ridiculous you look.

The collector’s personality

So one aspect of geek/gamers I have found I just don’t understand is the collector gamer/geek. You know, the one who has to have that 30th set of dice, the one who has to have the super special box set of something because that one has a blue cover when the one they already have has a red cover. Maybe you already know someone like this, maybe this is you. Well as someone who has seen her fair share of geeks with this mentality I have to wonder, “When is it ever going to be enough?” Now I have been told that since I’m not a huge geek/gamer I just simply wouldn’t understand. Apparently there is something inherently amazing about having more set of die then one could even imagine ever using or even looking at, a comic book collection that can take up almost a whole room or owning every single book of some gaming system. I can’t relate I guess, I find nothing exciting about owning one set of dice and when I read something small like a comic in five minutes I don’t keep it for decades.

Now you may wonder where I go with this rant. Fair enough I say but let me swing something by you then oh geek/gamer…shoes. Now while I may not totally get your need to keep tons of things that are stored in boxes or bags in the back of your office/room that many have never been opened, let alone used, I will not get on your case as long as can agree to not complain that I have far too many shoes (or in my case, clothes). You keep your books, your die sets and I will have my three pairs of black heels and 3 sweaters that look very similar. Let’s agree to our own collective natures without trying to dabble into the deeper reasons behind why we feel the need to keep these certain things.

Well, unless you collect shoes and clothes too. Then you might just have to upgrade your house.

What have I gotten myself into…

Hey, Dinah here. As far as being a geek or gamer, I guess I’m a part-time gamer. No I don’t know the latest mmo, I don’t know which stats belong with which character (fighters need high charisma right?), I don’t know the difference between all the table top rpg’s (aren’t they all just D&D?) and I definitely don’t follow the writers, artists or such of any geek/gamer related anything on twitter. But what I do know is what it is like to be the other half of a geek/gamer. So while I don’t dive head first into the geek world I can drop some knowledge from someone who sits on the sidelines and maybe even gets in the game those last two minutes of the fourth quarter.(see what I did there? That’s a sports analogy. Much more my thing) Sometimes it’s neat to see the geek/gamer world from a different perspective.