Natural Selection?

Sometimes the logic of science just is not logical. Now I am by no means against science to make the world a better place, but most often the first idea that pops into your head to solve a problem is the last idea that should actually be applied. I present to you exhibits A and B for your consideration. I would have loved to be around the lab when a couple of scientists were talking this idea over.

Scientist A: Wow, did you read in the news about how the bee population is rapidly disappearing due to all the pollution in the atmosphere?

Scientist B: Hey, I have an idea! Let’s make fake bugs!

Scientist A: Have you been making bongs out of the test tubes again?

Scientist B: Naw man, we can make bees and spiders and stuff!

Scientist A: But won’t that process just make more pollution, thereby killing off even more of the natural insects and making the problem worse?

Scientist B: Maybe, but we can sell ours for money!

Scientist A: Well by that logic we should just be building endangered species like Rhinos. What about the Rhinos?

Scientist B: Pfft, the hell with the Rhinos. Come check out this bong I made with a Newton’s Cradle in it!

There are things that the world needs, and there are terrible ideas on how to build them and fix them. These ideas both fall into the terrible category. Don’t get me wrong, building them for use as spy drones, bomb disposal, and actually useful tasks is a great idea, but building them to replace nature is a different issue all together.


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