Karma: Like peeing into the wind

If you look up Karma in the dictionary, it says “A spiritual sounding way of telling someone not to be a dick”. If your dictionary doesn’t say that, throw it out because that is EXACTLY what Karma means. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun to say “Don’t be a dick”, but it’s much easier to say “Well, that’s just bad Karma” in front of your grandmother without needing an explanation.

Today I read THIS ARTICLE about a man in Uganda that probably could have benefited from someone reminding him not to be a dick. He stole a phone from a patient at the local hospital and began making phone calls with it. The real problem was that the patient was hospitalized for his Hemorrhagic Fever due to his Ebola infection. The thief checked himself into the hospital after he began to show Ebola symptoms, and admitted to stealing the infected patients phone.

There you have it, folks. Doing stupid things like this are almost always going to end badly. Maybe not today, but someday. So when you are tempted to do something stupid like this man did, just think of me and these words I leave you with: “Don’t be a dick”.

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