‘Ello, I’m Padma (no, not Padme; Padma means “lotus” and is the name of a Hindu deity, which is way cooler than a prequel princess, thank you).  I’m here for the fiction writing aspect of geekdom.  I’m hoping as we gain more members that we can maybe get some turn-based collaborative writing going.  But my foremost duty is to provide you with something to read and entertain you.  Each week, I will post a new chapter of an ongoing story.  And each week, the end of the chapter will include choices so that you, the members, can vote on what will happen next in the story!  The first story I write will be a fantasy genre, but if this project goes well, I’d also like to do a sci-fi along the line.

So check up on Padma’s Pathway every Monday for a new installment in the story (because Mondays suck, and maybe a choose-your-own-adventure might help it suck less), and you will have until midnight Wednesday to cast your vote for the next installment.

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