What have I gotten myself into…

Hey, Dinah here. As far as being a geek or gamer, I guess I’m a part-time gamer. No I don’t know the latest mmo, I don’t know which stats belong with which character (fighters need high charisma right?), I don’t know the difference between all the table top rpg’s (aren’t they all just D&D?) and I definitely don’t follow the writers, artists or such of any geek/gamer related anything on twitter. But what I do know is what it is like to be the other half of a geek/gamer. So while I don’t dive head first into the geek world I can drop some knowledge from someone who sits on the sidelines and maybe even gets in the game those last two minutes of the fourth quarter.(see what I did there? That’s a sports analogy. Much more my thing) Sometimes it’s neat to see the geek/gamer world from a different perspective.

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