The collector’s personality

So one aspect of geek/gamers I have found I just don’t understand is the collector gamer/geek. You know, the one who has to have that 30th set of dice, the one who has to have the super special box set of something because that one has a blue cover when the one they already have has a red cover. Maybe you already know someone like this, maybe this is you. Well as someone who has seen her fair share of geeks with this mentality I have to wonder, “When is it ever going to be enough?” Now I have been told that since I’m not a huge geek/gamer I just simply wouldn’t understand. Apparently there is something inherently amazing about having more set of die then one could even imagine ever using or even looking at, a comic book collection that can take up almost a whole room or owning every single book of some gaming system. I can’t relate I guess, I find nothing exciting about owning one set of dice and when I read something small like a comic in five minutes I don’t keep it for decades.

Now you may wonder where I go with this rant. Fair enough I say but let me swing something by you then oh geek/gamer…shoes. Now while I may not totally get your need to keep tons of things that are stored in boxes or bags in the back of your office/room that many have never been opened, let alone used, I will not get on your case as long as can agree to not complain that I have far too many shoes (or in my case, clothes). You keep your books, your die sets and I will have my three pairs of black heels and 3 sweaters that look very similar. Let’s agree to our own collective natures without trying to dabble into the deeper reasons behind why we feel the need to keep these certain things.

Well, unless you collect shoes and clothes too. Then you might just have to upgrade your house.

2 thoughts on “The collector’s personality

  1. Well, with clothes and shoes, there is the practicality of use and they different types are worn for different situations/combinations. With collectible memorabilia it’s an investment for one thing. For another, it’s simply exciting. First, there’s the “ZOMG, a Green Lantern figurine, I love Green Lantern, he’ll look so awesome on my shelf!” Then there’s the “ZOMG, that Green Lantern figurine is on a green card instead of a black card, I’ve never seen that before, it’s new, maybe it’s rare, and zomgwowifoundsomethingrare so I must have it!” Just like perhaps it may be “OMG, those black shoes will go perfectly with my casual summer dress!” then the “OMG, those black shoes look like my other ones, but these have buckles, I’ve never seen shoes this color/style with buckles before, thatssocoolanddifferent so now I must have them!” I dunno. That’s near as I can figure.

  2. In my opinion, it’s only an investment if you plan on selling it. If you never plan on selling it all isn’t it just space taker? What if you play with it or open it and it depreciates? Then its just more stuff. If you don’t use it, you don’t sell it what is the point of it if then you aren’t enjoying it? That is what I don’t get. Anything I do collect usually has a purpose and a use. Though I will say my clothes/shoe collection isn’t nearly like others out there so I guess I can’t even say I’m a huge collector at all.

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