The collector’s prize

Inspired by Dinah’s post (thank ye, Dinah), I’d like to pose the question of, “What is your favorite collectible that you own?”  As in, what is that one piece of memorabilia (or pair of shoes, perhaps) that you would never ever sell for any amount of money, no matter how broke you were?  I’m sure everyone has such a beloved artifact.

For me, it would be a tie between two things:

1) My Sailor Moon first season henshin broach.  It was the very first piece of Sailor Moon anything I ever purchased.

2) My Ariel and Eric Little Mermaid figurines, because they were the very first of my extensive figurine collection.  Figurines became my favorite childhood toy and had a huge role in developing my currently out-of-control imagination.

Of course, these things wouldn’t be worth very much anyway, so I don’t have to worry about the temptation of selling them…

1 thought on “The collector’s prize

  1. Hmm I don’t even know if there is anything that is a collectable (or shoes) that I couldn’t sell. I think all my stuff has a price on it. Maybe that is why I don’t get the whole collector’s mentality. I guess I do have a couple of Hard Rock bears that I got from my over seas travel but even then if it’s a high enough amount I would give them up too.

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