Roll for Initiative….

So this is my next entry in my quest for self improvement in a living Role Playing Game, and it turns out to be quite like an actual role playing game.  By that I mean I crit failed, rolled a natural one, a fumble, a botch.  Really I made no real progress my initiative check was not so good .  So I guess this is a learning experience for those out there, resolutions or goals are nice, but if you don’t act on them your lameness gets spread on the internet…or some such.  Well here is to next week may that bring me some better luck.

Again I will try to post my progress on twitter as @vanguard1042 or on  Also I am looking into an app for helping me with my travel rations if you will, although we never did that much in our actual games.  In any case, I think one that I found to try is MyFitnessPal on the apple store and android market.  I’ll try it out and let you know how I like it.

So see you next week, wish me luck.

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