Do not shorten Valentine’s Day to VD…

So if you have been living under a rock or knee’s deep in Skyrim I should inform you that today is Valentine’s Day or as the hipster’s like to call it Single’s Awarness Day, or some call it Obligation Day.  Any way, In the spirit of selling out I thought I would share with you some fun geeky valentine’s.  Remember while for adults Valentine’s day is all about love, diamonds and mushy stuff think back to being a kid when you would give Valentine’s to all your class mates, friendship’s were made by what kind of valentine you brought, if you were a girl and brought Batman or Star War’s valentines you instantly became cool regardless of the cooties.  So I share will all of you some valentine’s that I found online to celebrate our geekiness.  If you like them share them with friends, loved ones, heck if it’s a good one maybe your DM will give you a +1 on your next roll.


Another site celebrating Valentines and 42 can be found here

From a favorite webcomic of mine some Dork Tower Valentines

and I totally should have given this in school, but for all you Instructors out there…
and if you have some more awesome ones, share them below.

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