Prepare Yourselves….

I uploaded some new gameplay footage for Planetside2 in the game section of the website, which can be found here.  This footage is from the Game Developers Conference this week.  It looks awesome, I can’t wait for beta.  By the way, Beta will be most likely in waves but for those that have played Planetside before you will be given priority over those that haven’t.  You just need to go to and sign up for the beta (you may need to sign up for a Sony Station ID), and after you do that just log back in and verify your email address again.

If you have never played Planetside before you can also get a priority chance at Beta by purchasing the April issue of PC Gamer, which is on sale now.  You need to buy it at the store (Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble and the like should have it) and it will come with a beta key code which you can redeem and they will advise you when you are selected.  The cover looks like this.

We are the loyal Terran Republic, the military responsible for keep peace for a thousand years and now we face the mercenary New Conglomerate, self proclaimed freedom fighters but are actually the fodder of the private companies who want to do as they wish and the cult-like Vanu Supremacy who view strange new technology as the answer to everything.  If you choose to play the VS or NC, that is your right, but just realize that in that game you may see yourself on the other side of many of member of Guild1042.  Hope to see you online.
As PS2 comes closer to being released, or at least beta we will provide more info.

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