The Golden Age of the Comic book Geek

So many times people will say that comic books are just for kids and maybe some are. But I have to say in this era of Hollywood recycling¬† movie ideas, this is the best time to be a comic book geek.¬† No doubt you are thrilled that all your favorite stories are coming off the comic and onto the big screen. As a person that never got into comics married to someone that is, I say thank you to all of you. Thank you for knowing so much about the story that when writers leave out giant gaps of important information that they assume we all just “know” you can fill us less clued in people. X-Men 3 for example? Jean? I still don’t get what the hell happened there. Heck, for years I didn’t know that Blade was once a comic. Blow my mind why don’t you. So as the mass amounts of movies continue to crank out, thank you for being there to explain the behind the story need to know facts for us so we can make any sense what so ever out of the rest of the movie.

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